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Opportunity is everywhere

Make the most of your time on the road on the platform with the largest network of active riders

Why drive with us

Earn flexibly

Choose when and where driving is convenient for you.

Get always-on support

You can get support when you need it.

Drive efficiently

Routing is optimized using Korea’s first-class navigation service, TMAP.

How the UT driver app works

The UT driver app helps you earn smarter with real-time information. Easy to use and reliable, the app now supports you at every turn. Here’s how it works.

Going online

The UT driver app is always available. So whenever you’re ready to drive, open the app and tap GO.

Accepting trip requests

Once online, you’ll automatically begin to receive requests in your area. Your phone will sound. Tap to accept.

Getting turn-by-turn directions

The app makes it easy to find your customer and navigate to their destination.

Earning with every trip

See how much you’ve made after each trip, and track your progress toward your daily and weekly earnings goals. Earnings automatically transfer to your bank account every week.

Providing feedback

Riders and drivers, plus other customers, will be asked to use the rating system on every trip.

Drive your way in the app

Frequently asked questions

  • UT is conducting various promotions aimed at increasing driver trips and earnings. You can check the amount of promotion payments you’ve received in your payment statement under Other or Other Payment. If the promotion requirements haven’t been met, the reasons will be indicated in detail in the payment statement.

  • The fare for each trip is calculated based on the time and distance you drive, but fares might also include other fees, promotions, tips from your riders, and more. If you think an error was made on your fare, you can submit it for review within 10 days of a trip.

  • Going online is possible if all the following conditions are met:

    • You attend the UT driver training session
    • You submit necessary documents and renew documents when they have expired
    • If you see a notification saying “Show UT app,” you select that notification and agree to Allow Overlay > Allow Drawing on Other Apps